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Boho styled photosession Chester Cheshire

My mother always said that old days' fashion is making a comeback every now and then. Quite recently there was a fashion for shabby chic, and now boho style is becoming more and more popular.

With its beautiful lace, pampas grass, woven macramé and wonderful flowers, it has definitely stolen my heart and I know I am not alone with this.

And just like my mother used to keep clothes that she had a suspicion about making a comeback into fashion after many years, I probably subconsciously waited for the great return of bohemian style, collecting grandma's lace curtains and blankets, which now beautifully fit into the warm and natural setup in my studio in Chester.

I must admit that for a long time I have been thinking about a room and bed setup where I can create relaxed family photos.

Finally, my accessories I've been selecting carefully over the years come in handy. Boho styled sessions are dedicated to families who love this natural, warm style.

Suitable for a newborns, older babies or sitters, as well as for families with older children, there is no age limit really.

Throughout a session like this, we will take many different family shots, photos with siblings and individual portraits of each child as requested.

The resulting products will always be high-end decorations perfectly fitting into your home. These beautiful frames, telling your story, will truly be a lifetime memory.

For more information, booking and pricing, please click on the link below.

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