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  • Malwina Kovacs

Christmas 2021 @ Serenade Photography Chester

I think we all agree that the last couple of years weren't particularly adventurous for anyone.

We all had no choice but being stuck in our homes and none of the exciting events we were looking forward to were going ahead.

However now that everything is slowly coming back to something close to normal, we can finally start looking forward to Chirstmas too!

And this year we have come up with something super special for your little ones! In the last two years not much was allowed in terms of attractions, especially for children.

They were confined to the boundaries of the 4 walls, or the garden at best.

So this season, you should surprise them with something magical!

Your children will have the opportunity to spend time with Father Christmas, and if they wish, they can hand over a letter prepared by them, sharing with him what they secretly dream about for Christmas. Perhaps they'll also find an opportunity to steal one of his cookies!

All this in front of my camera whilst I take beautiful pictures for the whole family to enjoy.

The bookings are opening on Friday 10th of September at 8pm and are guaranteed to sell out fast, within a matter of hours.

Santa has a lot of chidren to visit this year so we only have 4 days available: 23rd & 24th of October and 6th & 7th of November.

Once these dates are fully booked, there won't be any more added.

Why are the sessions in October and November, you may ask?

I need some time after your session to prepare your images, share them to your private gallery for you to see, and allow you to place your order.

All the digital images will be available for immediate download. If you would like to add products such as prints or wall art there is usually a 3 week waiting time.

Your appoitment with Father Chirstmas will last up to about 15 minutes, longer then it would in a conventional Santa Grotto.

The experinence will be private without other children queueing in the line, and without the feeling of being rushed.

This is usually more than enough time for your little one to enjoy meeting him in person, allowing me to create beautiful Christmas portraits that will make a wonderful souvenir for you or even the grandparents.

How much does it cost?

The ticket price is £15 and includes:

- An up to 15 mins private meet and greet session with Father Christmas

- a little gift from Santa's bottomless bag

After your session you'll receive your login details to your online gallery where you can place your order and download your purchased images straight away.

Prices start at £50 .

These individual sessions are only available to siblings from the same household.

However if you wish to bring cousins/friends or include anyone else on the photos, please book a separate session per family.

If you book a couple of sessions next to each other, I'm happy to discuss photographing everybody both together and individually - this will depend on numbers and ages and must be arranged in advance. All bookings are final, and as we have Father Christmas for a limited amount of time, please note that no amendments can be made to your booking once it's confirmed.

If you are interested, and not on our mailing list yet, sign up now! ( click on the link below)

You will also get priority access with being on our mailing list in the form of a booking link.

Bookings open at 8pm on Friday 10th September to those on the mailing list.

What if my children are too shy to meet Santa, or don't want to have him included on the pictures?

Don't you worry, we will have exactly the same setup available WITHOUT Father Christmas on 20th & 21st of November. All festive sessions follow the same pricing and go on sale at 8pm, 10th September.

I can't wait to create these fairy tale like portraits for you!

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