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Gender reveal / pregnancy announcement mini session

Since the opening of my studio there’s been more and more mums booking their maternity session with me. I have to say there’s something truly special about these sessions and even though I have no children of my own, I am always charmed by the beauty and beaming femininity of my pregnant clients. I absolutely adore working on perfecting my photographic artistry to capture that immense beauty in the most authentic form. I also love working around tailoring my offer to provide my clients with the most personalised package option and put that sweet cherry on top of their experience with Serenade Photography! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be now offering this totally new maternity photo session where you can include baby’s gender reveal and baby announcement photos!

If you’d love to capture all the excitement around finding out your baby’s gender and preserve the very moment your family got to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl, then a Gender Reveal session will be perfect for you! This session is all about the excitement and joy of revealing your baby’s gender and capturing it all in photographs to look back at and enjoy for years to come. To arrange this session, all you have to do is request writing your baby’s gender down on a piece of paper and sealing in an envelope during your 20th week ultrasound. Then depending on how you’d like to go about organising your baby’s gender reveal this information will be passed to me and I will prepare your balloons, confetti or whatever other way you decided to use to reveal your baby’s gender during your photo session.

Imagine capturing your family’s facial expressions in all their authenticy, as they emerge one after another. All the excitement, surprise, joy and pride painted on their faces in the matter of seconds! Imagine showing these photos to your little one one day to let him or her experience this very moment as well with all the excitement and anticipation surrounding this pregnancy. Can there be a better way of compliment your baby’s photo album than including such beautiful raw moments surrounding the time of awaiting their arrival?

For the baby announcement I have a selection of accessories available to use during your photo session, however I’m always up for a challenge and more creative projects, so any idea you may have, just message me, please and will discuss all the details! If you don’t have a plan yet but this idea resonates with you and you’d love to capture photographs of your baby’s gender reveal or baby announcement, then just message me and we will discuss different options. I’m full of ideas and inspirations so I’m sure we’ll find a perfect solution to match your needs and create the most memorable keepsake for you and your tiny baby!

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