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Your photo session is a very important event. It’s not just an appointment booked to take a couple of photos, but a day when you will create vivid memories for you and your family to look back at in years to come. With this little guide I will help you through all the major steps to get well prepared to your session, so that you can enjoy your experience at Serenade Photography, and create some truly special photos for your family.

Your photographs will be unique to you, reflecting your personality, moods & connection, and your clothing is one of the things that helps expressing it all to capture in photographs. I always suggest my clients to wear simple outfits, aiming for a classic and timeless look. It helps when clothes are well coordinated in terms of colours and tones. And it’s also better to avoid distinctive patterns on your outfits as they may distort the composition and overall look of your photos.

Newborn photoshoot Chester

However these are only rough suggestions, and depending on your personality and preferences you may wish to choose something more expressive giving a better statement to your family’s character.

If you are getting ready for a maternity session then rest assured we will have a large variety of beautiful maternity dresses prepared for your arrival at our Chester studio. The only thing we ask is to make sure you have two sets of underwear with you. One set in nude shades and strapless bra, and one in black. This way we will be able to match the dresses perfectly creating a perfectly balanced composition. And if you’ve already prepared something special for your maternity session, please bring it along! It will make for a wonderful keepsake adding a personal touch to your gallery.

Maternity photoshoot Chester

Maternity session Cheshire

Pregnacy photography Chester

Professional maternity session Chester

When preparing to a family session I always recommend to bring at least one extra outfit for each family member. We do have a lovely range of dresses for girls aged up to 4 years, however, having an extra outfit at hand means we can be so much more creative with the number of set ups and capture some truly special photographs for your family.

family photographer Chester
Family photoshoot Cheshire

I have to say newborn outfits and accessories are my absolute favourite to collect and after several years of photographing newborn babies, I now have an impressive stash of props! So when preparing to your newborn session, please don’t stress too much, we will discuss all the details regarding your preferred colour palette and I will work around your baby’s needs, choosing poses and props comfortable for our little model, to create some truly stunning compositions!

newborn photoshoot Chester
newborn baby photography Chester

professional newborn photographer Cheshire

newborn photos Cheshire

Your family photos will stay with you for many years to come. Some will be displayed on your walls and some will create pages of your family album. Don’t rush with your decisions and give yourself plenty of time to plan the colour palette of your gallery. For inspirations, please visit our Galleries starting with newborn photos here

And for further details, please do get in touch! We are always happy to help!

newborn sibblings shoot Chester

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