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Ray | Cake Smash session and bubble bath Chester

I can’t say this enough but having clients who keep coming back is the biggest compliment any photographer can receive. The first time I have met Ray’s parents was 3 years ago, shooting Kai’s, their older son’s Cake Smash Session on his first birthday. Since then we have met

several times at my Chester studio for maternity and newborn sessions, and now they are back again for a fun-filled Cake Smash and Bubble Bath session for their youngest, Ray.

The theme colours were similar on both occasions, mum really liked the turquoise and green combination. Typically, parents are opting for blue-ish colours for boys and pink-ish for girls but it’s worth to experiment sometimes and throw a few unusual colours in, often creating amazing results.

I absolutely love to create portraits for this family.

Each photoshoot is completely different, while Kai was eating the cake with both hands, little Ray was much gentler with it, but he thoroughly enjoyed the bubble bath.

First birthday Cake Smash sessions are getting increasingly popular recently, it’s a lot of fun for the whole family to look back on these pictures years or even decades later!

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